Located in Bac Can province, Ba Be Lake is the largest and perhaps the most beautiful natural lake in Vietnam. It is formed by three lakes connected into a single continuous body of water, stretching nearly 8 km north to south. As one of the world's biggest natural lakes, the surface area of Ba Be expands of 500ha during the wet season and never falls dry even at the peak of the dry season.

The lake features crystal green water, beautiful islands, spectacular limestone cliffs and caves. It may take you a whole day boat trip to discover all the splendors the land has to offer.

What To See:

Puong Grotto


Ba Be National Park


Dau Dang waterfall


Hua Ma grotto

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Kayaking in Ba Be

The best time to go kayaking in Ba Be is from March to May. Firstly,you go along Nang River and enter the lake through the Puong Cave, continue to paddle ...

Homestay in Ba Be

Only 220km from Hanoi, one can easily get to Ba Be National Park by car. Homestays in Ba Be mainly belong to the Tay minority, plus smaller numbers of Dzao ...

Boat trip in Ba Be

Ba Be lake and National Park is 220 Km and 4 - 4.5 hours drive from Hanoi. this place can be combined with many others famous destinations, such as Ban ...