Farming in Thuy Bieu

Get out there, meet the sweet local people and share a happy working day with them, you will truly feel being part of this beautiful countryside
  • How to arrive in Thuy Bieu ?

Thuy Bieu is an old village around 7km from Hue city centre. The village is home to hundreds of pomelo orchards and crop, flower and vegetable fields. This is a seasonal activity but always a delightful and insightful culture discovery.

Merely 7km from Hue city centre, Thuy Bieu is a hidden gem of untouched nature and culture. Thuy Bieu is home to around 96.700 people and divided into 7 hamlets among which Nguyet Bieu, Luong Quan are the most beautiful ones. Local people earn a living mainly out of rice cultivating and gardening. Join their work to enjoy fantastic moments and authentic travel experience.

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