Hanoi has been the capital of Vietnam since 1010. This thousand-year-old city exudes gentle charm with tree-lined boulevards, ancient pagodas and beautiful lakes. It makes an ideal gate and also a quick window of the country for every first time visitors.

Hanoi has evolved out of the ashes of famine and war into a 21st-century metropolis with rich cultural heritage, numerous historical attractions and sensational cuisine. The Indochina Old Dame, however, will not bow down and reveal her timeless charm so quickly and easily to anyone. Only those who take time to listen and observe will recognize the sophistication of her beauty: an intoxicating blend of oriental and western chic, of rural tranquillity and urban motion.

What To See:

Ethnology Museum


Hanoi Old Quarter


Temple of Literature


One Pillar Pagoda


Water Puppetry


The Huc Bridge


Tran Quoc Pagoda


National History Museum

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