Homestay in Ha Giang

Ha Thanh homestay offers a place to relax before exploring key tourism destinations in Ha Giang province. It belongs to the Tay ethnic people who have well-preserved authentic culture.
  • How to get in Ha Thanh Homestay?

Located 300 km from Hanoi and just 5 km from Ha Giang, Ha Thanh is an unexplored village that is not listed on any travel map. It is an exclusive product of Asia- Aventura.

Why Mr Toi’s House?
Located in Ha Giang province in the North East of Vietnam, Dong Van is one of the most magnificent tourist destinations by its beautiful landscapes and weekly Sunday market. To reach this beautiful place, you have to spend overnight in Ha Giang town where its standard accommodation and tourism facilities can’t meet customer’s demands for quality and service.
Asia Aventura, however, acknowledges that your aim to Ha Giang is to meet ethnic people and to experience rich indigenous culture. It is the main reason why we tried to find a good place named Mr Toi’s House in Ha Thanh village to meet your need for a real adventure tour. This village is home to Tay ethnic group with its traditional lifestyle well preserved over the past hundreds of years, merely 5km from the town.

Night at Mr. Toi’s House, you will:
- Experience local life with the host family
- Walking around  Ha Thanh village to explore the peaceful surroundings, landscapes and the daily life of Tay peoples.
- Cooking with the host family
- Participation in agricultural activities with the host depending on the season: rice harvesting, vegetables planting

About Uncle Toi’s house:
The house was built in the typical architectural style of the region, and consists of a living room, a kitchen and a large reception room decorated with children’s school certificates. The family is friendly and open, and though they do not speak English or French they will try their best to communicate with guests through body language. Their service is truly from the heart.
The homestay in Ha Thanh village is one of Asia Aventura new and exclusive services in Ha Giang. We restored a few parts of his house and provided them with the necessary facilities for the guests like mattresses, blankets and mosquito nets.

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