Homestay in Mai Chau

Mai Chau is in northwest Vietnam near the capital of the White Thai ethnic minority. Wooden stilt houses are a unique product of the region, an experience that you shouldn’t miss.
  • What activities are included in Mai Chau homestay tour ?

There are a range of activities for visitors to enjoy: cycling to Thai ethnic village, hiking in a beautiful landscape, traditional dance, seasonal farming practices, etc.

Why Uncle Cuong’s homestay:

- An authentic homestay typical of the Thai tribal housing style with stilt house surrounded by lush rice field and gardens.
- Situated away from the backpacker hubs of Lac, Pom Coong and Chieng Chau villages, quiet atmosphere and idyllic setting.
- Standard amenities fully equipped: clean mattress & blanket, western toilet and hot water .
- Diverse and hearty local food cooked by Thai ethnic people.

How to get Cuong’s homestay:
Mai Chau is a beautiful valley populated by ethnic White Thai in Hoa Binh province, around 150km from Hanoi. The car drive takes approximately three hours and is a scenic journey in and of itself.
Mai Chau draws huge crowds of travellers who are fascinated by its stunning nature and touched by the warm hospitality of the Thai people. It is a favoured destination for Vietnamese motorcycle adventurers.

It is not difficult to meet foreigners and even Vietnamese in every corner of Mai Chau – mass tourism. Being a designer on the customized tours, Asia Aventura researched and finally found a little village away from the popular tourist towns of Lac and Pom Coong. Van village seduces everyone with its quiet beauty and authenticity. If you travel to Van village, we will get a chance to meet Mr. Ha Van Cuong, a White Thai local who is very warmly-hearted and friendly.

About Uncle Cuong’s house:
Uncle Cuong's house was built 20 years ago. It is a typical Thai ethnic stilt house with a large reception room decorated with numerous Certificates of Excellence from the children’s school study and an adjacent room reserved as the family living quarter and kitchen where they prepare our delicious meals.
The enthusiasm of Uncle Cuong and his family shows in their warm smiles. They are proud to be the first homestay to accommodate foreigners in the village. They speak neither French nor English, but they will simply communicate with body language!
Activities to enjoy when staying at Uncle Cuong family are varied, albeit simple, they are fun for travellers who want to travel actively:
• Bike rides or hikes around several ethnic villages in Mai Chau
• Participate in Thai traditional dances
• Planting or harvesting rice (seasonal)
•Try your hand at brocade weaving. The White Thai ethnic people are excellent weavers.

If you are interested to experience Mai Chau off the beaten paths and meet the charming family of Uncle Cuong, just add his home to the hotel list. And this is exclusive product  for all Asia Aventura clients

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