Long Xuyen floating market

Although Long Xuyen floating market is not as famous as others in the southern region, tourists will still feel the generosity of southerners.
  • What time does Long Xuyen floating market open ?

The picturesque sightseeing appears among the noise of people singing, talking and laughing around 6am- 9am, which makes a lively picture of Long Xuyen floating market.

Long Xuyen floating market is located long the bank of a river in An Giang, Mekong Delta. On one side are beautiful houses while on the other are paddy fields and houses on stilts. The river becomes more and more bustling, especially at places where small canals flow into the river.
Boats selling the same agro-product items are tied together in groups. People travel among dinghies as crossing adjoining stalls or row houses. Some boats sell fuel and offer mechanical repair services.

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