Lunch at Yen Duc Village

What may destroy your good feeling after a wonderful cruise trip in Halong Bay? Are you tired of having lunch with a full stomach at a noisy restaurant near the harbour? Let Asia Aventura find out a perfect solution to you. Just one hour drive from Halong Bay, Yen Duc village is an ideal stopover for tourist to relax, lunch and experience real local life in the North of Vietnam.
  • What will you do in Yen Duc Village ?

There are a lot activities offered such as: walking or biking around the village, meeting and talking to the locals, watching water pupertry show, enjoying Vietnamese foods, and taking farming activity: gardening, catching fish, etc.



We have received a lot of complaints for Halong Bay tour from our customers for a long time:    

  •    The brunch on board between 10a.m to 11 a.m before returning the harbor is too early.
  •    The restaurants near the harbor are too touristy and don’t meet their requirements for quality service.
  •    The road distance from Ha Long to Hanoi is too far and they need a good place to stop for relax and lunch.

Asia Aventura has taken their effort to find out a good solution for all these problems. Our Product Manager, Mr. Nguyen Minh Thang spent many weeks wandering through rural villages from Quang Ninh to Hanoi and finally set foot in Yen Duc Village - a typical model agricultural village in the North of Vietnam. He was totally captivated by its lush green paddy fields, red- roofed houses, traditional ancient architecture and friendly peasants there. The peaceful space is the right one we are seeking.

Yen Duc Village Tour is on sale after a few months setting and now become one of recommended product of Asia Aventura which is only available to our customers.


Mui lives with her husband, two children and aunt in Yen Duc. Her family owns more than 1800 square meters of rice fields and gardens where she plants several kinds of flowers, vegetables and spicy herbs. The house has a large garden and small fish pond at the entrance. Tables and bamboo chairs are arranged under the longan for lunch.

Tourists are served traditional Vietnamese foods such as: spring rolls, chicken soup with mushroom, salad of cucumbers, stir- fried beef with onion and peppers, etc. All of tasty dishes are cooked by Mrs. Mui, herself.


-       Walk or bike around the village

-       Meet and talk to local people

-       Enjoy traditional Vietnamese foods

-       Watch traditional water puppetry show

-       Experience farming activities such as: gardening, catching fish, etc.



Asia Aventura is proud to be the first travel company designing tour to Yen Duc Village. This one is not only a perfect solution to Halong Bay tour but also give tourist more chance to experience rural life in the North of Vietnam. It is an unique product which Asia Aventura wishes to offer valued customers who play an important role in our current success.

A delicious lunch at Yen Duc Village is an unforgettable highlight of any tour to Halong Bay. It has been received a lot of excellent comments from our customers. It is one of the most important motivations to push our prolonged business strategy: Tourism based on Community. We both supply a good service for our guest and create jobs for the locals as well as introduce local culture to foreigners.

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