Hidden in a beautiful valley, Mai Chau is home to the ethnic White Thai people. The distance is 150 km from Hanoi and it takes approximately three hours to approach to.

Mai Chau draws huge crowds of travellers who are fascinated by its stunning nature and touched by the warm hospitality of the Thai people. Most of them live on stilt houses with thatched roofs and eke a living out of terraced rice field cultivation and brocade weaving.  It is a favoured destination for Vietnamese motorcycle adventurers. 

This enchanting destination offers a perfect opportunity to admire a stunning sunrise on the highland, enjoy mind blowing views over flowery valleys and exploring colorful montagnard culture. 

 With alluring landscape and endearing culture, Mai Chau makes an ideal destination for trekking and homestay travel.

What To See:

White Thai people


Van Mai village


Mai Chau valley


Stilts house


Silk weaving


Xoe folk dance

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