Siem Reap is well known for its magnificent Angkor archaeological complex. This monumental complex of palaces, temples and pagodas showcases the rich and sophisticated architecture of the Khmer Empire.  With grand composition, mysterious materials, amazing craftsmanship and refined design, the Angkor magic to some extent is unmatched by any other wonder of the whole world.

The surrounding countryside of Siem Reap is blissfully peaceful and laid back, perfect for a relaxed excursion.  Smiling children cycling on dirt tracks, buffalos soaking in water, famers planting rice on the field, all will leave beautiful memories. 

What To See:

National Museum


Angkor Wat


 Apsara Dance


 Bayon Temple


Angkor Thom


Tonle Sap Lake


 Pre Viher Temple


Koulen Mountain

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Ox cart ride in Siem Reap

Siem Reap is widely known for its magical ancient temples but little is known about picturesque countryside that abounds in every of its directions. Just get out to the villages ...

Homestay in Siem Reap

A unique experience that includes many interesting activities: spending time in the village and eating home-cooked food before staying overnight with your host family. ...

Elephant ride in Siem Reap

Several elephants with their handlers are waiting for you right at the gates into Angkor heritage site, but say “No” to those who tie or treat the animals badly. ...

Tuk tuk ride in Siem Reap

No doubt, there are many tuktuks hanging around Angkor temples, just waiting for your order. Choose a new one with a good driver, who can be your guide also. ...

Cooking class in Siem Reap

This class shows you how to prepare ingredients and cook Cambodian cuisine. You will visit the local market, talk with vegetable and meat sellers, cut and chop the ingredients and ...

Hiking in Kbal Spean

Kbal Spean is located 50 kms northeast of Siem Reap and a direct trip by car takes about an hour. A visit to Kban Spean can be combined with a ...

Boat trip on Tonle Sap

To get to the Tonle Sap, you might take a tuk-tuk/private car from Siem Reap town - only 15km. It is a unique eco-system and cultural area offering the opportunity ...